Our Star Selections feature an array of constantly changing wine. $25 for any 3 bottles on this display. We personally taste each wine to insure quality.

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Collector’s Corner:

Our Jewels, Gems and Treasures. Most of these items are available in very limited amounts so grab them while you can! Call the store to place your order. 914-273-1000.



  Saint - Estèphe


Château Meyney - 2006

La Croix de Pez - 2011

Château Hauteville - 2006



Château Gaudin - 2006



Château Brillette - 2005



Château les Carabins - 2010

  Haut - Médoc


Château Charmail - 2006

Château Charmail - 2007

Château Bernadotte - 2006

Château de Bensse - 2009

    Pessac - Léognan


Château Haut Bergey red - 2006

Château Haut Bergey white - 2006

Château Olivier red - 2006

Château Olivier white - 2006



Chateau Caillou - 2005

    Côtes de Bourg 


Château Fougas Maldoror - 2005



Clos l'Eglise - 2006

Château La Fleur de Gay - 2004

Château Le Moulin - 2005

Château Le Moulin - 2004

Château La Grave - 2009



Château Pavie - 2005

Château Chauvin - 2005

Château La Courtaude - 2005

Château Cap de Mourlin - 2005

Château Quinault L'Enclos - 2006

Château Barde-Haut - 2006

Château Fombrauge - 2004

Château Fombrauge - 2007

Château Corbin Michotte - 2004

Château Balestard la Tonnelle

Château Berliquet - 2004

Château Boutisse - 2010

Côtes de Castillon


Clos les Lunelles - 2007

Château Sainte Colombe - 2006



Château Monbousquet - 2004

Blanc de Valandraud N°2 - 2005 


Specials this week:

Please ask us about our Wedding and Bar Mitzvah Specials.

We offer wine and spirit recommendations at all price points and will work closely with your caterer or chef to ensure the beverages selected enhance your culinary experience. Accurate quantity estimates for parties of all sizes.



"Moderne Barn Wines and Spirits were so incredibly helpful in preparing
for a 300 person bar mitzvah. They questioned us on the type of guests
we were having and the type of atmosphere we were going for, and
tailored our liquor order to fit our needs. They were spot on and the
party was a huge success. We have referred many others to them happily.
On top of that, our caterer told us he has never had such a smooth
relationship with the liquor provider!"